Development and validation of the NDDI-E-Y: a screening tool for depressive symptoms in pediatric epilepsy



To validate the revised 12-item revised Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory-Epilepsy for Youth (NDDI-E-Y), a self-report screening tool for depressive symptoms tailored to youth ages 12–17 with epilepsy.


Youth at two sites completed the NDDI-E-Y during a routine epilepsy visit. Youth at one site also completed the Children’s Depression Inventory-2 (CDI-2). Seizure and demographic data were abstracted from the electronic medical record. Exploratory factor analyses were conducted. Internal consistency, area under the curve (AUC), and construct validity were assessed.


NDDI-E-Y questionnaires were analyzed for 143 youth. The coefficient for internal consistency for the NDDI-E-Y was 0.92. Factor analyses suggested a one-factor solution with all 12 items loading on the factor. The NDDI-E-Y was positively correlated with the CDI-2 (N = 99). Sensitivity and specificity of the NDDI-E-Y were high.


Reliability and construct validity were established for the revised 12-item NDDI-E-Y. The NDDI-E-Y is a brief, free measure of depressive symptoms that can be administered during a routine epilepsy visit.